Sugar, We’re Going Down

We’ve found religion. Jesus has risen and he doesn't want us to have sugar. I mean, Lent. What even are you?! It’s not my choice. I am being a supporting boyfriend. That, said, it will be nice to be able to sit down and not feel the band of my underwear fold under the unyielding … Continue reading Sugar, We’re Going Down


Banana Blondies

Fruit in my house is always bought with the best intentions. But inevitably, there is always the sad, lonely banana at the bottom of the fruit bowl all withered and black at the end of the week. Too ripe to eat and, frankly, too gross to touch! Yet, ever conscious of food waste, I feel … Continue reading Banana Blondies

Malted Banana Morning Drama

Banana Pancakes. Those two words alone sound like a comforting, generous hug and whilst for most mornings a cooked breakfast is totally out of the question, time can always seem to be found for a stack of warm banana pancakes. Save for the tablespoon of butterscotch-like golden caster sugar and drizzle of wildflower honey, you … Continue reading Malted Banana Morning Drama

Don’t You Focaccia ‘Bout Me.

Is there anything more perfect than bread? Obviously, that’s rhetorical. I mean, quite frankly, a freshly baked loaf does things to me that not even Chris Hemsworth smothered in baby oil sprawled across a chaise lounge could do. There’s the classics; sourdough, cob, farmhouse, baguettes, brioche etc. And then there is focaccia. Salty, crisp, chewy … Continue reading Don’t You Focaccia ‘Bout Me.