Creole Lady Marmalade

Bad things happen threes. Over the weekend my car failed its MOT, the words ‘Donald Trump’ and ‘Nobel Peace Price’ were uttered in the same sentence and during Dad’s 60th birthday BBQ (for which mind-blowingly spectacular cake made by my fair hands was had) the plumbing broke, leaving him and my Brother to dive waist … Continue reading Creole Lady Marmalade


Excuse Me While I Key Lime Pie

It’s bloody awful. The total embuggerance of living in a country where you are gifted with all of about two days decent weather, only to be left to enjoy a hefty 363 of grey skies, wind and rain, it’s draining. Okay, okay, I appreciate I am being a little dramatic here…we get like, at least … Continue reading Excuse Me While I Key Lime Pie

An Egg-Ceptional Chocolate Mousse

So…I suppose part of having food blog is actually writing posts…go figure! It feels like it’s been a lifetime, I mean, Easter’s been and gone and it's now April! Easter is an odd one. Nausea inducing cuteness all around. From tiny yellow chicks to sweet little bunnies, all on top of teenie-weenie-iddy-biddy-cakes. And don’t forget … Continue reading An Egg-Ceptional Chocolate Mousse