French Toast in Fall

There’s no stopping it. Autumn is here. She’s got her flannel shirt, her pumpkin spice latte is at the ready and it don’t make no never-mind that you wanted just a few more seconds of summer. Leaves are turning shades of red, gold and brown; the mornings are crisp, the evenings cool and I am … Continue reading French Toast in Fall


Dough(n’t) You love Me Baby

I’ve had a week off! A whole week! Naturally I spent it gallivanting across London, checking out some of the fabulous foodie haunts which have long since been on my list of places to visit.  For a 7 days, any resemblance of a balanced diet went out of the window. I appropriately gorged on pastry, … Continue reading Dough(n’t) You love Me Baby

Creole Lady Marmalade

Bad things happen threes. Over the weekend my car failed its MOT, the words ‘Donald Trump’ and ‘Nobel Peace Price’ were uttered in the same sentence and during Dad’s 60th birthday BBQ (for which mind-blowingly spectacular cake made by my fair hands was had) the plumbing broke, leaving him and my Brother to dive waist … Continue reading Creole Lady Marmalade