Bread End

Days off are precious. Under no circumstances are they to be trifled with. Weeks off even more so. They require military precision in order to achieve the perfect balance between mad scientist levels of culinary experimentation, staying in curled up on the sofa binging on Australian Masterchef and actually going out into the world to … Continue reading Bread End


Like a Bat Out of Caramel

Autumn is coming… It has been a month since my last post. Obviously, I have been hibernating instead of doing what I should have been doing and stuffing my face just like the squirrels scurrying about our back-garden. Oh! And of course typing up gorgeous recipes (not too sure squirrels can actually type). Granted, those … Continue reading Like a Bat Out of Caramel

Everyday Is Like Sconeday

Having had a week of coughing, spluttering and being generally riddled with maladies. I could not be more ready for Sunday. It is warm, sunny, lazy, Morrissey is playing in the background and it is just what the doctor ordered. This week, I have reverted to comfort food. Bratwurst with caramelised onion and sweet potato … Continue reading Everyday Is Like Sconeday