Salted Caramel Day Dreams

In my family, dessert is an essential part of dinner. It is, if not compulsory, expected. We have our favorites; key lime pie, lemon tart or something as simple as yoghurt and fruit. More often than not though its ice cream. Salted caramel has always been a staple. When I was in collage, after a … Continue reading Salted Caramel Day Dreams


Gypsies, Pimms and Theives

Okay, so some self-reflection is to be had right here. I am perhaps the most disorganised, non-committal person I know. I basically need a PA. Not because I am super busy and important (lah-dee-bloody-dah) but because the inside of my head moves at about 1000 miles an hour and I have no capacity to retain … Continue reading Gypsies, Pimms and Theives

Creole Lady Marmalade

Bad things happen threes. Over the weekend my car failed its MOT, the words ‘Donald Trump’ and ‘Nobel Peace Price’ were uttered in the same sentence and during Dad’s 60th birthday BBQ (for which mind-blowingly spectacular cake made by my fair hands was had) the plumbing broke, leaving him and my Brother to dive waist … Continue reading Creole Lady Marmalade